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The Gift of Life Style: Giving, Getting and Creating Fashion

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Those individuals who give great gifts are often the same ones who are great observers, and not necessarily the ones with the deepest pockets. If perhaps you have not been as tuned into what would be of interest to your friends and family there are a few ways to still give thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

Clothing is a very personal and sometime even intimate direction to explore for a gift, unless of course you know of something specific which that person desires. Small token gifts, perhaps a small one of a kind piece of jewelry accompanied by a gift card to purchase an outfit to go with it, allows them to enjoy the full extent of your generosity but also lets them know that you have some insight into their tastes.

Any ‘of the month’ club is certainly a quick fix for gift giving, but with just a little more thought you can really personalize the concept. Pamper the person you care about with a season or even a year long series of experiences. Remember beauty, grooming and wellness are at the heart of being stylish, so a prepaid period of monthly haircuts, manicures, or pedicures will be a sure fire way to give the gift that keeps on giving.

A package within a package. Contact a local designer or retailer about making an appointment for a private shopping experience. Add to the mix some stylish transportation and a great dinner out at fashionable establishment and you’ve got a sure fire memory in the making.

Don’t forget that you can also make a contribution of time, money or goods to a charity that is meaningful to the recipient. Places like Dress for Success, Boomerangs, Rosie’s Place and Room to Grow are just a few of the places that can put funds as well as fashion to use in making a difference in people’s lives.



Worthy Causes






The holiday season is almost certain to produce some stress. It’s important not to forget to take care of yourself. Thinking of others also means being sure that you’re at your best when you’re involved in activities with family, friends and co-workers. The act of extreme self care should be a priority at this time of year.

Time is always at a premium but a massage or equally relaxing spa treatment can be a important service to budget time and money for. Taking a weekend to go through your closet and planning out a wardrobe for the season will make dressing to be hostess, guest or employee effortless. Hiring a local stylist to help you with this could be another investment in being good to yourself.





Wardrobe Stylist



If you’re lucky enough to have the time to do it yourself, making gifts can be as enjoyable as giving them. You can take a class with the intention of creating a gift. A knitting class at the Boston Center for Adult Education might allow you to whip up the ideal accessory to defend your loved one against the harsh New England winter. If there is not enough time to do it yourself, you might want to support the designers and craftspeople at the heart of DIY movement, many of whom have set up shop on websites like Etsy.






Written by Jay Calderin for Color Magazine/November-December 2010


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